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1tn Powered Paragliding Training: Step 1.

Learning the equipment and wind / flight dynamics.

If you have decided to start training with Iowa PPG and Midwest Paragliding, we thank you! Your first step into the world of personal flight is done. Now it's time to learn how to get in the air. First we are going to do practical introduction to the equipment along with wind and flight dynamics as they relate to powered paragliding. Read More...

2tn Powered Paragliding Training: Step 2.

Learning to fly the wing and more practice with kiting and or taxiing.

Depending on the form of launch technique you decide to take, your actual flight training will only take about 1 day and will include several flights to get you comfortable with how to fly your paraglider and land. Read More...

3tn Powered Paragliding Training: Step 3.

Where the rubber leaves the road.

Now that we have trained you about the equipment, saftey proceedures, gear checks, and flight prep, Now that you have practiced your launching and kiting both without a motor on and while wereing your paramotor, it is time...  Read More...

4tn Powered Paragliding Training: Step 4.

Practice makes you a better / safer pilot.

Even the most seasoned pilots in the sport still break out the wing and practice kiting. the act of flying builds confidence, muscle memory and re-enforces proceedures to keep us safe.  Read More...

Featured Student


J.R Skola came to Iowa Powered Paragliding with a passion for aviation. JR came out from Cedar Rapids and trained during the tail end of winter weather for one day and had his gear deliverd by the second training session. He took his knowledge from the first session and trained on his own and came back to hone the skills for one more training day. The next day he pulled off about 6 flights at the school and went back to cedar rapids (about a 3-4 hour drive) and made one more flight at home. An disciplined student and a real treat to work with.  

Thank you for the opportunity to train you JR! Happy Flying~

If you are interrested in learning to fly please email us or call 310.463.5576


I had a incredible experience learning to powered paraglide.  Having someone who really understands the sport gave me a lot of confidence through the first flight.  Participating in the powered paragliding sport is something I promised myself I would do; Jason made it happen!  THANK YOU!


J.R. Skola - Cedar Rapids

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